Allotment in First-Price Auctions: an Experimental Investigation

Luca Corazzini (U Padova) will talk about "Allotment in First-Price Auctions: an Experimental Investigation" (j/w S. Galavotti, R. Sausgruber & P. Valbonesi).

Where: Inside BELSS -- our experimental lab located in the 3rd floor of Bocconi’s Roentgen building
+ an aperitivo place TBD

When: Wednesday February 19 at 17.30-18.20+

The idea of the BELSS Research Aperitivo is to get scholars to casually interact across discipline boundaries. We plan to rely mainly on internal Bocconi speakers, but occasionally (such as this time) have visitors. We hope many will attend. We'd like to have an approximate head count; please send Martin Dufwenberg ( or Joshua Miller ( an email.