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The Bocconi Experimental Laboratory for the Social Sciences (BELSS) is an interdisciplinary research center at Bocconi University engaged in laboratory experimental work. Researchers affiliated with BELSS combine economics, management, marketing, political science, psychology and neuroscience to study human behavior and decision-making.

BELSS provides the infrastructure for running empirical studies, organizes a weekly journal club/brown bag, and organizes seminars by inviting international scholars to present their research. These seminars are often organized jointly with other departments at Bocconi.


The BELSS Behavioral Lab

BELSS operates a state-of-the-art laboratory with 27 networked and centrally controlled computer cubicles. The computer network allows for running interactive experiments like simulated markets, economic games, online studies, etc. (e.g. oTree). We maintain an active subject pool with more than 5,000 participants. Participants (Bocconi students or outsiders) are paid about 7-15 € per session for taking part in our behavioral studies. The laboratory has a strict 'no deception' policy which requires researches not to lie or mislead participants.

BELSS is currently directed by Professor Joachim Vosgerau, with Professor Salvatore Nunnari as Vice Director.
Marta Maxia manages the lab. The lab is located on the 3rd floor of the Roentgen Building at Bocconi University. For a campus map click here. Bocconi students who wish to register to participate in the experiments can click here.

All Bocconi faculty and BELSS affiliates can freely use the lab. Our lab manager Marta Maxia can help you: 

  • Scheduling an experiment and reserving the lab
  • Programming
  • Recruiting participants
  • Running experiments (together with the PI, a post-doc, Ph.D. student, or RA)
  • Paying participants

If you are a researcher at Bocconi University but are not a BELSS affiliate and want to use the lab, or if you want to become affiliated with BELSS, please contact the BELSS director Joachim Vosgerau and/or the BELSS vice director Salvatore Nunnari.

Journal Club / Brown Bag

Journal Club is a weekly meeting to discuss papers in the social sciences, such as behavioral economics, management, marketing, psychology, public policy etc. Typically, the papers are experimental but do not need to be. Every week a different paper is assigned and discussed.
Members can also present their own research projects to get feedback from the group.
Everybody is welcome to join us, students (master and Ph.D.), RAs, faculty. We meet every Wednesday from 5 to 6 pm in 4 E4 SR03. To be enrolled in the weekly email for journal club send an email to Joachim Vosgerau.


BELSS invites international scholars to present their research in the BELSS seminar series. These seminars are often organized jointly with other departments and research centers at Bocconi, e.g., Economics, Decision Sciences, Marketing, Management, Public Policy, BIDSA, etc. To see the current list of BELSS seminars click here.