Ambiguity & Imprecision

David Butler (Murdoch University) and Joerg Oechssler (University of Heidelberg) will talk about

Ambiguity & Imprecision

This is a 2x45 minute two-speaker BELSS-IGIER-DEC-ECON event with speakers on the regular seminar slot 12:30-14:00. No abstract or paper will be posted -- the speakers will introduce us to their cutting edge experimental contributions in these (related) areas.

The event will be followed up at 17:30 by a BELSS Ambiguity & Imprecision Aperitivo Event, where people are invited to ask questions to David & Joerg (that follow up the event earlier in the day)

Where: BELSS -- our experimental lab on the 3rd floor of the Roentgen building
When: Tuesday 16 September at 17.30-18.20+
Afterwards: we go for a post-seminar aperitivo

If you have questions, contact Martin Dufwenberg (, Josh Miller (, or Fabrizio Iozzi (